Welcome to My desire to study, evaluate and comparatively analyze the great works of science: from antiquity to the year 2000, inspired this publication. The unrestricted scope spanned across vast works on pure and applied sciences. It is the most encompassing, the most researched, as well as the most unbiased ranking of scientists (including mathematicians) from every part of the world. A product of over 15 years of research and in-depth analyses of the most spectacular discoveries this world has ever witnessed. My narratives on this website are mere overviews: concisely structured for your easy reading. The rankings were based on merit. My criteria are overall ability, versatility, productivity and developmental influences. To peruse any of the scientists, click on the name or on the portrait. You may also use the more information button beneath this paragraph to access additional notes. Your views (including criticisms) are welcomed. So, feel free to voice your opinion via the provided Leave A Reply contact channel. Thank you!