(March 23, 1882 – April 14, 1935)
Born and raised at the time when gender hindrances deterred women from pursuing higher education, Emmy Noether surmounted all odds to become an epoch-making mathematician. She was the phenomenal genius whose revolution took maths to marvelous heights. In the process, she made many brilliant souls seem ordinary. The name Noether is synonymous with solutions of great ingenuity and unprecedented rigor. She is by far the greatest female mathematician that ever lived. And when it comes to Abstract Algebra, there is nobody (male or female) in the entire human history, great enough to compete with her. Several theorems are named after her, and the great mathematicians of today still doff their hats for her. It was the theorems of Noether, which helped Albert Einstein when he was having difficulties in establishing the energy conservation aspects of his Relativity Theory. This dame lived for only 53 years, but her intellectual footprints will continue to awe future mathematicians. Her groundbreaking discoveries are as game-changing as they are unparalleled. No honor is too high for this supreme genius, whose methodologies unified various branches of Pure & Applied Maths. Her father (Max), brother (Fritz), and nephew (Gottfried Noether) were all accomplished mathematicians. Among her many eponyms are the minor planet 7001 Noether, and the Noether crater on the moon’s hemisphere that always faces away from earth.


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