(March 16, 1789 – July 6, 1854)

Georg Simon Ohm was a mathematician who achieved fame through his intuitive experiments with both electricity and acoustics. Prior to that, he studied the works of Leonhard Euler, Sylvestre Lacroix and Pierre-Simon Laplace: before polishing the skills of a young Peter Dirichlet. His younger brother, Martin Ohm, was as well an accomplished mathematician, who in 1823 became the first person to develop the complete Theory of the Exponential ab in instances where both a and b are complex numbers. Georg Ohm was fascinated by electric batteries which Alessandro Volta had invented when he (Ohm) was just 10 years old. He ran all sorts of experiments with them: modifying some apparatuses and developing new ones in order to quench his curiosities. At last he discovered that when electric current flows through a conductor, a relationship develops between that current, the voltage and the resistance of the material which constitute the conductor. Further experiments convinced him that the amount of electric current passed through a conductor is directly proportional to the voltage across that conducting material divided by the material’s electrical resistance. This became known as Ohm’s Law, and the S.I. unit of electrical resistance was called Ohm in his honor. He published this discovery in his 1827 treatise titled: The Galvanic Circuit Analyzed Mathematically. In addition to his other works (which includes another law on acoustics), Georg Ohm received acclaims for his exploits in these two treatises: Contributions to Molecular Physics, and Elements of Analytic Geometry Concerning the Skew Coordinate System.


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