(April 15, 1707 – September 18, 1783)

If the issue concerns mathematics, look no farther than Leonhard Euler. With nearly a thousand first-class publications to his name, this Swiss genius is the greatest mathematician of all time. He was relentlessly prolific. His phenomenal brainpower enabled him to calculate as easily as folks breathe. This explains why he is deemed the preeminent of all the algorists; and was nicknamed “Analysis Incarnate”. Euler excelled in all branches of mathematics, uncovered links between various branches, standardized notations, proved many theorems, and pioneered new methodologies. During his 76 years lifetime, 1 out of every 3 maths publications in the world was authored by him. The great Pierre-Simon Laplace called him the master of all mathematicians; whereas Carl Friedrich Gauss (The Prince of Mathematicians) referred to his works as the irreplaceable best school for mathematics. Stupendously brilliant, versatile and productive, Euler was the supreme sage whose sagacity transmogrified both maths and physics. Not even his blindness (at a later age) slowed him down. He kept churning-out mind-blowing works even after losing his sight. At the Russian Academy of Science where he worked, observers stared in disbelief as he conjured formulae and dictated mind-boggling calculations (which heralded his new works) for his secretary to prepare for publishing. The sheer quantity and quality of his works is breathtaking. Nobody else came close. Not Gauss! Not Newton! No one at all! The greatest and the most beautiful theorems have Euler footprints all over them. He was (and still remains) the mathematical champion of all the champions.


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  2. Euler’s achievements are beyond comparison. I’m not sure even Gauss would be so effective had he lost his sight.

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