(April 15, 1707 – September 18, 1783)

If the issue concerns mathematics, look no farther than Leonhard Euler. With nearly one thousand first class publications to his name, this Swiss genius is the greatest of all mathematicians. He was relentlessly prolific. His phenomenal brain-power enabled him to calculate as easily as folks breathe. This explains why he is deemed the preeminent algorist and was nicknamed “Analysis Incarnate”. Euler excelled in all branches of mathematics, uncovered links between various branches, standardized notations, proved many theorems, shattered every benchmark and pioneered new methodologies. During his 76 years lifetime, 1 out of every 3 maths publications in the world was by him. The great Pierre-Simon Laplace proclaimed him “The Master of all Mathematicians”. Carl Friedrich Gauss (The Prince of Mathematics) referred to his works as “irreplaceable best school for maths”; whereas André Weil asseverated that “no other mathematician attained such an indisputable leadership in all branches of mathematics as Euler did”. Stupendously brilliant, versatile and productive, he was the supreme sage whose sagacity transmogrified physical sciences. Not even his blindness (in 1766) could hinder him. While working at Russia’s Science Academy, colleagues marveled in disbelief as he mentally conjured mind-blowing disquisitions for his secretary to compile for publishing. No comparable novelty has ever been witnessed. The sheer quantity and quality of his works is breathtaking. Nobody else came close. Not Gauss! Not Newton! No one at all! The greatest and the most beautiful theorems have Euler footprints all over them. He was (and still remains) the mathematical champion of all the champions.


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  1. A new chapter is now open. I commend and recognize the hard work of the facilitator of this website for his outstanding work. This is a must see and read for seekers of knowledge. Congratulations!

  2. Euler’s achievements are beyond comparison. I’m not sure even Gauss would be so effective had he lost his sight.

  3. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.

  4. Johann Bernoulli used to address Euler as “The Prince Among Mathematicians” more than fifty years before Gauss was born.

  5. Hi, Dr. Valentine Oduenyi: I’m sorry BUT I respectfully do not agree with the numerical ranking(s) of order and listing in categorical value of the listed 50 “Greatest Mathematicians” enumerated in your Profile Listing on the following parametric technicality bases:

    I. “The 3 ‘Truth & Facts’ Parameters” of ‘exhaustive/inclusive estimation/assessment of value to humanity DONE individually via his/her established mathematical system and/or, formulae/equational methodology configuration extra-ordinarily performed/contributed by every (your considered) Mathematician in your Listing – hence, in the context of: 1. Achievement Breadth of Accuracy, 2. Performance Depth in Technical Integrity & Mathematical Validity in Range of Value Application to further enlightenment/advancement of human knowledge in: Natural Sciences, Engineering, Technology and 3. Historical Accomplishment Importance IMPACT to human life transcending Religion, Races, Peoples, Nations & Cultures to have IMPROVED Human Life & Significant Upscale Development & Forward Advancement of Human Knowledge & Anthropocenic Understanding of the Unity of Mankind based on mathematical appreciation of deepest value of Truth, Beauty & Goodness manifest in every human interaction in all human industries – to live happy life and NOT to survive: power/electricity; water, multi-facet economic needs/activities; food; clothing; housing; etc.

    II. What? Why? How? When? Which? and WHO? – all these in the perspective of Better Development of Life-Necessities/Provisions/Requirements of every human being to live & NOT to survive on Earth in terms of clear thinking w/ heart; good knowledge & better understanding of “Laws of Nature”, including ‘applications of the “Laws of Nature” to achieve ways & means of living each life w/ natural absolute values of creation: Truth, Beauty & Goodness: in the context of one’s anthropological treatment &/or interaction w/ other fellow human beings on Earth to make a Clear One Goal Declaration of Humanity: “GOD created all of us: You and I: All as Human Beings to be Human and NOT animals.”
    [Yes, this we can certainly KNOW & UNDERSTAND what & how life is ONLY if we apply mathematics in our actual living w/ INTEGRITY, PROFESSIONALISM, HUMANITY (NOT as beast/animal: cheater, crime doer; & other violations of Nature’s Laws via “mis-use/abuse/mis-application of mathematics)

    III. That is, specifically noting further that your ‘Title’: “___ 50 Greatest Mathematicians…”; yes, “mathematicians” the main topic of discussion from the point of view of “greatest mathematicians”, WHICH implies that, naturally, logically & historically, a true and honest evaluation/re-evaluation of the term/nomenclature: MATHEMATICS, it strongly SUGGESTS at the root of mathematics of natural phenomena, including HUMAN LIFE PHENOMENA, in that Mathematics can never be assessed and re-assessed w/out the REQUIRED System Application of Scientific Methodology [that is inherent attribute of SCIENCE as applied in the study of natural phenomena operating system: this means – a True Mathematician is more than a scientist because a True Mathematician is an Applied Scientist himself & has his works VALID & “technically consistent” with ‘Operating System of Natural Phenomena’ whose ‘mathematics is applicable’ to the study of natural operating phenomena & its natural laws w/ “Technical Integrity & Mathematical Validity” – hence made possible ONLY by the use of Scientific Methodology. This further IMPLIES a True Mathematician is always An Applied Scientist and is BOTH a Pure & Applied Mathematician himself. Remember that Creation (Universe & all its life-forms) is BOTH executed by Pure Mathematics & Applied Mathematics. GOD is BOTH Original PURE Mathematician and Absolute Original Applied Mathematician since Nature is GOD’S Absolute Mathematical Character.

    In similar note of technical evaluation/re-evaluation, that mathematics & all branches of mathematics for that matter from the point of view of the mechanics of technicality description of the INVOLVED terminology and/or “nomenclature” defining such “mathematics” and the “mathematician” alone can never be completed as Factual, True, & VALID if ‘mathematics’ is treated outside the dimension of “scientific system & method” INHERENT Attribute of natural phenomena”. Natural Phenomena operates according to existing Mathematical System; hence, it operates & follows mathematical laws which can ONLY be studied/evaluated in VALIDATION using ‘Scientific System/Methodology’ to extract nature’s hidden/inherent mathematical equations, mathematical formulae that are useful to develop Technology & Engineering!

    Hence, consequently, mathematics is treated in/involved in so-called INTRINSIC/INHERENT “Laws of Nature”.
    Science & Mathematics are intrinsically naturally connected/looped & are never examined/treated as “separate natural subject”: naturally, mathematics expresses Subject Principles of Natural Phenomena: The Essence of Life ; whereas, science expresses Object Laws of Natural Phenomena: The Substance of Energy; hence, Life generates energy to create force; that proves life has origin; life comes ONLY from LIFE; therefore, mathematically, evolution ONLY violates Laws of Nature; because evolution system of idea is purely anthropogenic; artificial, it does NOT follow the Cosmic L:aw of Cause & Effect; and the Universal Principle of Duality of Nature.

    Why this “natural mechanism of Nature’s Laws of Cause & Effect and Duality (Conjugate Pair System of Creation) is brought out in this Subject: Mathematics and Object: Science discussion of the “50 Greatest Mathematicians”? It is because in creating the Universe, there is always Internal Energy (+ Subject) and External Energy (- Object) that interact according to Purpose (P) of Creation: similarly, we have + Charge (Subject) and – Charge (Object) that inter-acts according to Purpose; one Strongest Proof from Nature is the Standard Model of Particles wherein it shows Subject & Object Pair that inter-acts to create: Example in Quark Family: Up & Down; strange & charm, etc.; in the Lepton Family: Ve & e; and Vu & u; and Vt & t – conjugate Particle Pair of Subject-Object Inter-actions! And so on and this phenomena can never be existing in the absence of Subject: Mathematics and Object: Science that interact through the Natural Phenomena Laws. Another Example of Proof is the 5 Laws of Thermodynamics.

    This means: “natural phenomena” can only be studied w/ validity & truthfully genuine, if it is always validated & re-evaluated in the context of operating system laws of natural phenomena inherently involving “mathematics”: a best Example is the GF Bernhard Riemann Hypothesis (RH), which is BOTH Pure & Applied Mathematics, deeply inherent at the core of the operating matrix principle in its mathematical (formulae/Equation) configuration w/c always embraces Duality Law & the Cosmic Law of Cause & Effect and that mathematically connects the smallest entity of existence natural phenomena to the biggest entity of creation. HENCE, on account of RH Mathematical Law, we have generated the ff.: fine-tuned constants; Natural Mathematical Thermodynamics has 5 Laws to maintain/sustain/protect the Balancing Vector Expansion of the Breathing Universe; and so on and so forth. This indicates, withOUT mathematics, all these inter-actions in the Universe are IMPOSSIBLE from the point of view of laws of natural phenomena. It’s all mathematics! technically supported by scientific system methodology. Otherwise, such “mathematics” alone becomes ‘theoretical mathematics’ that has no bearing in/no value to existing Natural Phenomena – this is contrary to description of “natural mathematics” existing all throughout into the natural operating phenomena of Nature’s Laws involving 3 Absolute Values of Creation of the Universe: Truth, Beauty & Goodness – deeply inherent in the non-arguable “intrinsic law of natural operating phenomena” that defines, maintains, sustains, & protects “human life” on Earth.

    THEREFORE: that is – we MUST treat “Mathematics” as ‘natural mathematics”; or, simply put it in the 21st Century Nomenclature Level of Definition Advancement Terminology – Today; yes, TODAY: it is always understood that “Mathematics is …” defined in the context of “natural mathematics” and/or, “pure/applied mathematics”.
    We can never separate Mathematics (Principle) from Consciousness Matrix of GUT & TOE of Cosmic Law: Mathematics is the ‘heart-origin’ of the Core Operating Principle of Life Phenomena in the Universe mathematically connected to the Earth that breathes life thru its Dynamically (Rotating/Revolving) OCEANS and which it (Earth!) breathes life w/ the Universe that in turn breathes, too, through its Black Hole!

    Mathematically, hence, it is CREATION since there is ORIGIN; evolution is NOT; it violates 5 Laws of Thermodynamics. It is because energy has ORIGIN; life originates from Energy (of Existence); force from energy; science from mathematics. Otherwise, it become(s) illogical, senseless, insensitively incompatible with the Nature’s Laws because it (this Evolution) violates Truth, Beauty & Goodness of the 5 Laws of Thermodynamics of Human Life inside the Mother’s Womb: The UNIVERSE; yes, the Mathematically Expanding UNIVERSE whose Energy/Force has “Life-ORIGIN”. That is to say, in similar context [contrary to Nature’s Laws: Truth, Beauty & Goodness(TBG) ] that it goes to agree with and state: [which is NOT, NEVER it is & NEVER will be…] that ” I was brought out into this world w/OUT parents (father & mother) simply because I was evolved into this Earth from nothing … w/OUT any value at all … w/OUT Truth, Beauty & Goodness of Life”]. This I do NOT agree with respectfully.

    Therefore: all your Listed “50 Greatest Mathematicians” must be understood as 50 Greatest [Natural] Mathematicians. BUT then, this is NOT the truth-fact-content of your said Listed “50 Greatest Mathematicians..” This I NEVER agree with. Specifically, your 1st 20 of the listed “50 Greatest Mathematicians” sadly & hardly meet the parametric standards/requirements in A. Numerical Order of Standing & B. Listing of Names – accordingly in meeting the ‘technical dimensions & scientific standards of ‘life-importance’ parameters of evaluation in the context of Truth, Beauty & Goodness universality of impact to humanity from the perspective of 2nd Par. of My Reply/Comment above.

    — Gpw Bernard Bautista Rementilla-26

    • Hello Gpw Bernard Bautista Rementilla-26, your disagreement is welcomed.
      However, you seemed so lost in your own comment that it became incoherent. Also, your failure to read the website’s introductory note meant that you remained ignorant of my ranking criteria. Hence, I recommend that you go and educate yourself: by reading the Introduction (alongside its accompanying Notes). Thank you.

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