(287 – 212 BC)

Just like Euclid before him, very little is known about the life of this outstanding sage. Still, there is no doubt that he grossly advanced Pure and Applied Mathematics. Although many people consider him the greatest of all the ancient mathematicians, my research findings (which are based on overall ability, versatility, productivity and developmental influences) indicated otherwise. They gave Euclid ample edge over him: due to his extraordinary influence and productivity. Nonetheless, it must be acknowledged that Archimedes lent his brilliance to several early developments, which paved the way for modern science. His geometrical investigations complimented the preceding works of Pythagoras, Eudoxus and Euclid. Evidence abound that he was an indefatigable researcher, who excelled in both theoretical and practical works. But, I found nothing to justify those hypes surrounding the claim that he is the best of the old bloc. Given that he lived three centuries after Pythagoras, and approximately two generations after Eudoxus and Euclid, the mathematics of his era would be significantly superior and more established: just as the succeeding works are a lot more complex than anything he could have envisaged. With that said, I will reiterate that the length and breadth of his works were grandiose. They immensely propelled the course of science. Among several honors, Archimedes’ portrait is engraved on the International Mathematical Union’s Fields Medal. He is also the eponym of his famous Principle, Paradox, Axiom, Claw, Screw; as well as the Archimedes lunar impact crater and the Montes Archimedes lunar mountain range.


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